Protects your enterprise from cyberattacks and fraud losses

Spycloud’s Cybercrime Analytics Let You Outpace Threat Actors

SpyCloud tells you what cybercriminals know about your employees, partners, and customers – so you can take immediate action to protect your business

SpyCloud Customers

Protect Your Enterprise from Cyberattacks

Act on exposed workforce authentication data before criminals can use it to perpetrate ATO and ransomware attacks.
  • Get alerts when your employees’ credentials appear on the criminal underground
  • Automatically reset bad passwords
  • Identify exposures from breaches and malware infections on personal or corporate systems

Prevent Consumer Fraud Losses

Protect your bottom line by combating synthetic identities, ATO, and fraud tied to malware.
  • Reduce ATO fraud without adding friction for legitimate users
  • Act on consumers’ risk of account takeovers and synthetic identities
  • Detect fraud tied to malware