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Effortless Password Management
The most powerful way to find, monitor, and protect sensitive data at scale.
Gain complete visibility across your entire technology asset estate.
Get a single view of your security, compliance and IT posture
Prevent Account Takeover & Online Fraud with recaptured data from the criminal underground
Classify & protect sensitive data across any network
TOPIA. Protect your installed operating systems and third-party software from vulnerabilities
Save and access all your files and photos in one organized place, and share it with anyone.
Enables IT Operations and Security teams to fully automate discovery, management and remediation
Protects companies against insider threats
Procesing information about threats and systems
Protects companies against insider threats
Secure your devices with the #1 malware removal and protection software
Automatic DDoS attack protection, on-premises and in the cloud, with comprehensive visibility, analytics, and reporting
Purpose-built systems for hosting virtual networking and security functions
Remote Desktop Software  for IT professionals and on-the-go individuals alike.
Identify, prioritize and investigate threats
Easily Build, Manage, and Monitor Your Network
Cross-platform compatible encrypted virtual drive
Send files in all formats and sizes in a secure way with end-to-end encryption
Druva centralizes recoverability, continuity and governance
CYBER PROTECT. Protect your business with reliable, easy-to-use, secure backup
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Phishing attacks and account takeovers are on the rise, yet not all types of multi-factor authentication (MFA) are up to the task of preventing modern

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Invicti Webinar Your security challenges grow faster than your team. That’s why you need security testing automation built into every step of your SDLC. – Automate

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Why an investment in PAM is your best bet to combat cyber attacks Cloud Transformation is Increasing Ransomware Risk according to the latest Cybersecurity

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AnyDesk Webinar

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any inquiry regarding technology or pricing Contact Us Speakers Robin MüllerTechnical ConsultantAnyDesk Revital LawrenceGlobal Marketing ManagerMultipoint Group Agenda:11:00

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SealPath Webinar

On-Demand Webinar SMART PROTECTION FOR SENSITIVE DATA AND SECURE COLLABORATION Don’t hesitate to contact us for any inquiry regarding technology or pricing Contact Us

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CypherDog Webinar

The Most Advanced Encryption Software Unique solution that ensure the highest levelof communication confidentiality and anonymity. Tools for encrypted communication, resource encryption, are becoming more and

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Netwrix Webinar

DETECT THREATS FASTER to avoid being the next breach headline. Join our Live Webinar with experts from NETWRIX and Multipoint Group and learn how to:

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Protect your data where you can, monitor for it where you can’t. We’ll discuss how monitoring the surface and the deep Dark Web becomes an

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Procesing information about threats and systems

Get a single view of your security, compliance and IT posture

The Global Standard for Continuous Network Monitoring & Vulnerability Management

Gain complete Visibility into IT Infrastructure Changes and Data Access