Do You Have The Entire Cloud At Your Grip?

Whether you use the cloud for the benefits of a scalable Infrastructure (IaaS), for running a Software (SaaS), or for the creation of an agile platform (PaaS) for your developers, PRTG gives you the cloud monitoring you need.

The PRTG cloud ping sensor

Any online service you provide to your company, shareholders or employees makes a statement about the capability and professionalism of your organisation. Poor performance, or even worse, downtime can have a lasting negative impact on those users. 

The PRTG Cloud Ping Sensor enables you to measure the response times of your internet facing devices and services, from multiple locations around the world. It can also alert you if those response times become unacceptably slow, giving you a chance to take corrective action, before your customers even notice there’s a problem.

Ensure public facing services
are available

Check response times
from around the world

Check response times
from around the world

See the global average
response time

Your Cloud Monitoring Can Look like This with PRTG

10 PRTG sensors for Cloud Monitoring

PRTG Cloud HTTP Sensor

Check worldwide service accessibility and performance from your own particular location 

VMware Monitoring

Series of sensors for VMware, including the VMware Virtual Machine sensor (SOAP) and VMware Host Hardware sensors (WBEM)

Cloud Ping Sensor

With the HTTP sensor’s “little brother,” you can likewise monitor your services’ Ping times from all over the world.

Microsoft OneDrive Monitoring

Our sensor for Microsoft OneDrive displays how much storage space you have available, and punctually alerts you when shortages loom

Amazon CloudWatch Monitoring

PRTG is a good choice for those who have many different accounts with Amazon and who wish to avoid having to constantly jump from one account to another

Google Drive Monitoring

The Google Drive sensor accesses the Google API directly and displays the amount of remaining storage space in bytes and as a percentage.

Mail Server Monitoring

When the system e-mail is down, the IT manager’s telephone rings at once. Here it has proven to be useful to apply threshold values so one is warned quickly – before crashes occur.

Dropbox Monitoring

Dropbox Business enables companies to access a great deal of storage space. PRTG uses Dropbox API to conveniently display how much free storage space 

Google Analytics Monitoring

The Google Analytics sensor accesses the Google API in order to gather the most important data. Unique user information or views can thus be studied at a glance via the PRTG dashboard.

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