With MinerEye DataTracker™, you can automatically discover and monitor your precious company and customer data wherever it is, whether it’s within the organization or out in the cloud

Automated Process

MinerEye uses AI to automatically learn, discover, map, track, and trigger sensitive data protection

Built for Scale

MinerEye scans enormous amounts of data, in minimal time – up to 1TB per hour

Seamless Integration

MinerEye is designed for fast integration with existing tools and ecosystems, such as Office365, DLP, Access control, and SIEM systems

Index Data

MinerEye’s Interpretive AI™ Technology accelerates the search, discovery, and analysis of unstructured data

Data Minimization

Data retention policies can be easily established and enforced to limit data

Illuminate your files with MinerEye DataTracker™

The MinerEye DataTracker is based on Interpretive AI technology and uses a three-step automated process to identify sensitive data by its essence: identification, classification and tracking

Built for compliance Nothing escapes MinerEye

The MinerEye DataTracker was designed specifically to support compliance scenarios – it allows you a single interface for tracking data usage violations wherever they occur, keeping you covered at all times

MinerEye's Interpretive AI™ Technology uses computer vision and machine learning to crawl, identify, and classify all company data. Going down to the pixel level, it generates "fingerprints" of the data, creating a learning process for content optimization