"Certes Network" Webinar:
Introducing Provable Security

Today’s current network and data security approaches focus primarily on threat detection and vulnerability management

But modern CIOs and CISOs want “provable security”.
They see securing data as a strategic investment in mitigating risk and a quantifiable contribution to the overall value of their business.

While threats and vulnerabilities are virtually infinite, access to data is defined and is therefore finite and measurable. By enabling policy and enforcing that policy at a highly granular level, risk can be eliminated and data security can be quantified, measured and outcomes driven.

Certes Networks Provable Security™ is supported and interconnected by the Certes Five Pillars. Each pillar is a key performance indicator (KPI) that measures the value that a security strategy delivers to an organization as a whole.

Certes Layer 4 technology delivers on these KPIs and is able to quantify security’s role to build, modify and measure a security strategy that aligns and protects the needs of an organization while mitigating risk.