32% of organizations have seen an increase in device encryption

According to the Vanson Bourne report, 31% of IT decision makers globally noted that their organization requires data to be encrypted whether it’s at rest or in transit and 24% requires it for data at rest. Additionally, 27% of companies increased the implementation of data encryption solutions. That is an increase from 0% compared to last year.

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To help organizations implement encryption as part of the cyber strategy, Cypherdog 

offers the most advanced encryption software allowing the highest level of confident communication. Cypherdog’s offering includes file exchange for sending files in all formats and sizes, with end-to-end encryption allowing you to share files among your contacts, ensuring that nobody can intercept them. The company also has an encrypted cloud for storing a secure archive of your most important data. The entire portfolio with straightforward pricing and management. 

Cypherdog solutions are unique in that they do not use e-mails and SMS to confirm the identity of its communication users. Neither the company nor any other “trusted third party” has access to your files. At the same time, thanks to confirming the identity of your contacts, you know for sure that no one will be able to impersonate the person you are communicating with.

Vanson Bourne also report that, Positively, 88 percent of decision makers state their organization has an information security strategy/policy that covers employees’ use of their own IT equipment for mobile/remote working, 22 percent of which allow only corporate IT provisioned devices and have security measures in place to enforce this with end point control.


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