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Don’t leave your data security to chance

Protects and Controls Corporate Data. Wherever they travel.

It’s your data and belongs only to you.

 Important business data is stored in documents, PDF, Excel worksheets, CAD designs etc. that are exposed to internal threats, human error, extraction by external attacks, etc. 

SealPath provides total control and visibility of all the documentation you share.
How does it work?

Continue Using Your USUAL TOOLS

  • Automatic protection for file servers, NAS devices, etc.
  • Automatic protection of SharePoint libraries.
  • Automatic protection of folders in Office 365.
  • Automatic protection in Box, Dropbox and Cloud storage.
  • Automatic protection in the email through Outlook and Exchange.

Set Granular permission control

  • You can include granular authorisation for access to the information.
  • Set expiry dates, watermarks, off-line access, etc.
  • Delete documents remotely even if they have already been sent.
  • Users can create their own policies and controls.
  • Policy management by department. Automate protection.

Share documents with ease and protection

  • Automatic sending of invitations to external users.
  • Super-convenient self-registration in seconds.
  • Option of customising invitations and the registration portal.
  • Automatic registration and single-sign-on for internal users.
  • Additional centralized controls for the administrator.

Audit & Control

  • Audits accesses and the use of protected documentation.
  • Available to the user it protects and to administrators.
  • Alerts for attempts to access by blocked users, breached docs, etc.
  • Risk control reports on the documentation.
  • Powerful Top10 graphics, filterable lists, exportables, etc.

What's next?

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